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When, “Clear to Engage” came over the radio, 2 CF – 18 fighters streaked by, sound following behind them and a massive chain of explosions rocked up the runway. Who would expect that at a sleepy little airport just outside Guelph?

Check out the video of the CF – 18 Hornet bombing run here

It appears that the Royal Highland Fusiliers were the unit who were functioning as infantry in the LAV III vehicles, they were supported by reinforcement from a Gryphon helicopter. All in all it was a worthwhile demonstration by the Canadian military at the Kitchener Waterloo air show. Today being Sunday, and the show still being on, I recommend that you go. Other big attractions were the Snowbirds aerial acrobatics team, parachutists jumping out of a Hercules, a corsair and numerous other displays, stunt planes and militaria.

As for the insurgents, well they were the target of artillery, the infantry assault and repeated air strikes by the CF – 18

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