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I am supposed to be studying for a test instead of blogging (Occupational Health and Safety – (Connestoga College)

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As mentioned in the previous post, I had found myself wandering around before the sun came up. Not much to see in Dodge at that time but there was a certan something that made the place so atmospheric. I could hear the train’s horn long before it came. Looking down the tracks you could see the light approaching from many miles away. Considering the flatness of the terrain I suppose its kind of normal. Anyway it took about 15 minutes from first appearance to arrival and as the trian sped by it was a shocking blast of sound and movement – afterwards, silence again, somewhere off in the dark I could hear a horse neighing and down the tracks… red tail lights as the train roared on through the plains. Continuing on to “Boothill” not much seemed to be going on there either at that time in the morning.

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