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IMG_8624, originally uploaded by Mic2006.

This section of the Wasteland waterway is past the blue barrel sink, it is where the cave air is now from well below the surface, camera lenses fog and the water is noticeably colder than what is coming from the surface. We were refering to the wide expanse before this as the cobble beach.

Just beyond here a vadose trench cuts deeply into the floor and JC and I explored some short distance into the canyon. You can here rushing water somewhere up ahead so I wonder if this is water flowing in from the surface sinks along the forest edge, or if the downcutting is a result of a shaft somewhere on beyond.

I believe that we should get some significant distance from this tunnel and it is standing height once in the trench. sheets of rock cut inward from either side and the trench winds erratically to either side.

Crawling back was a lot harder than going forward. I struggled to keep the camera somewhat dry and finally it quit. When the batteries died I got the new batteries wet and then something went wrong inside.

We will continue our exploration over the next few weeks.

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