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This is kind of a neat little karst area where we found a number of small caves in close proximity to each other. The picture above shows the resurgence beneath this dead tree of the sink several hundred feet away and also a couple of closer sinks.

From what I can tell there is about a kilometer square catchment and everything funnels into the lowest point at the center of a farmers field. A valley that is choked with garbage, hawthorn, and vines hides several cave entrances. Only Bed of Glass cave seems to have much promise as there is a water filled passage at the end with some airspace that I’d intended to push. A raccoon at the end of the tunnel won the turf war and so I left the pushing of that tunnel till another day. Entering into Bed of glass you must burrow through a heap debris at its entrance. Looks like when it rains the sink and surrounding valleys fill up with water (about 15 feet deep) Everything in the fields ends up in the sink.

The first video shows JC’s discovery of a little cave and the second video catches real time the unfortunate debacle within. Let this stand as a lesson to all would-be cavers who are not so observant of their surroundings

Video – small Ontario cave

Video – what happened within the small Ontario cave

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