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Cenotes in Tulum, originally uploaded by Mic2006.

In case you were wondering why I stopped posting, I’ve been in Tulum for the last little while – exploring cenotes and just generally enjoying the culture of the Yucatan.

Check out this video on some cenotes near Tulum here.

we stayed in our usual hotel, the Punta Posada Piedra, spent time learning Spanish from Santiago, the night watchman, watched turtles crawling up on the beach to lay eggs – and one that changed its mind. We visited the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve and to me, most significantly visited several local cenotes and snorkled in them.

Cenotes that I have documented on the video link above are Gran Cenote, Cenote Calavara (Temple of Doom), Manati Cenote and Dos Ojos. Of course there are plenty of others, but those are the ones that are most easily reached from Tulum.

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IMGP0250, originally uploaded by Mic2006.

Along the outer edges of the Dos Ojos Cenote divers leave the light and enter into the unforgiving world of cave diving. Following a line into the Mayan spirit-world it is traditional for a shaman to offer a blessing with a bowl of smoking copal. there was no such practice here, divers suit up in their scores to explore the Yucatan from beneath.

Dos Ojos is considered a beginner cave dive location, but there are plenty of other nearby underwater tunnels. Sac Aktun is situated within a short drive of this system and it is to date the longest explored underwater tunnel system in the world. Other local cave dive locations are Yaax-Mul which is just south of Dos Ojos and Chac-Mool which is close as well.

I took this picture with my new waterproof camera that I had bought to photograph our newly discovered Ontario cave – “Wasteland waterway” – sadly it’s hard to keep still and the picture was a little blurry.  JC and I will probably be back to Wasteland Waterway by next weekend – weather permitting.

Admittedly I have another book in progress on Ontario caves and their exploration, but check out Tamarindo; Crooked times in Costa Rica – it was my last book – a work of fiction with some pretty weird characters.

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