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D and I were visiting the area around Hepworth a few weeks ago in an attempt to find the supposed resurgence on a nearby sinking stream. We were slogging throught the marshy ground around the town and noticed a set of tracks in the mud.

As you can see the print is quite large with an expanse almost the size of my hand. there appear to be three toes and a sharp claw at the back. The prints were quite widely dispersed in the mud which to me either indicates a significant stride or something running. The dug-in aspect of the front of the print implied to us that this thing was well-adapted to running. I have laid a “toonie” (Canadian coin) by the one toe for a size reference.

D suggested that the markings might be an ostridge’s spoor but neither of us know of any such wild beast in Ontario – not that it is impossible. I once met-up-with a wild lama in thick bush on the shores of a river near Horning’s Mills. Climbing up a bank I found myself staring at this wierd foot almost level with my nose. It gave me quite a fright when I realized that this foot did not belong to the local inhabitants. Fortunatly the animal seemed indifferent to my presence. It was not until I tried to coax it into moving that it started getting “ornery”. Not knowing much about lamas I thought it best to retreat back down into the river and continue on in that direction.

Anybody have a theory as to what this is? Is it of the species that we know or another mythical beast yet to be discovered, “a three toe’d sinkhole sasquatch, a binary claw’d bigfoot, an illusive northern emu”?

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