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Calcite leaks from a side passage in the Cuevas de Bellamar – Cuba – near Varadero

As mentioned in a previous post, I had visited the Cuevas de Bellamar a few weeks ago. If you are taking a holiday in or near Varadero (Cuba) it is well worth visiting. I had been given permission to go a little beyond the tourist section and in crawling down a tube shaped tunnel I found that the way ahead was almost blocked by this high grey mound. The mound must have been formed by the calcite that was oozing from this hole in the side of the passage. For some strange reason it reminded me of a ruptured blood vessel and its contents – milk dribbling out onto the cave floor. A pothole in the top of the mound revealed that all beneath was as white as this petrified deposit but there was this discolored scab over top. It could be that the tunnel may have been flooded at some time after the calcite deposit and the grey scab had settled out from the water in that passage.

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With beer and lots of disco music!

P1000489, originally uploaded by Mic2006.

This is the mouth of a large Cuban sea cave at a place called “Escaleras de Jaruco”. The environment and what constitutes preservation is not always what we call “preservation”. From my diary I offer the following extract…

“It was still high in the mountains and from the viewing platform I could see the hills disappearing into the haze. Behind us there was a field and then limestone cliffs.

From a huge sea cave entrance the disco music was blasting (The speakers looked like they had been salvaged from a Metallica concert). Behind a concrete counter there stood a red-vested waiter (very animated in his conversation with M…) We drank several beers in quick succession and then crawled up behind the bar to see if the tunnels went – they did not. There was no air flow but plenty of corroded stalactites.

M… drove further into the park – thrashing the smoking Lada through the grass. We walked along a path in extreme “holokarst”  – soon several other more promising cave openings”. (more on this area to follow)

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Youngsters enjoy their school outing

P1000872, originally uploaded by Mic2006.

Old Havana had more than its share of school children. Everywhere you looked there were mobs of youngsters, partnered up, boy and girl, following the teacher in a string of hand-holding buddies. I thought this picture expressed their characters so well. Notice the extrovert, the shy one, mrs friendly etc. Each child shows their character when observed through the discrete telephoto lens of my camera somewhere near the Plaza de Armas.

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